Introducing: Luciano Barbera

We are beyond excited to have the opportunity to bring our clients the fine garments of Luciano Barbera. As their tagline proudly indicates, every Luciano Barbera item is "Entirely Manufactured in Italy." 


From woven fabric to final stitch, this commitment to local production helps to ensure that the centuries-old tradition of artisanry in cloth, the foundation of Italian style, remains. This notation on the label of each Luciano Barbera item serves as a guarantee that every item is truly Made in Italy, with all of the quality this distinction carries.



Nestled amongst lush mountains and flowing streams, Biella is a quaint, Italian city with a longstanding history in textiles. This magical village, rich in color and tradition, is the home of the Luciano Barbera brand and the Barbera family.

Luciano Barbera uses this picturesque setting as inspiration in the design process of every garment produced. There is truly a little bit of Biella in every piece of Barbera. 



Centuries-old knowledge paired with the region’s special water combine to create the perfect location for weaving fabrics and washing wool. The world-renowned Biella water contains natural soaps which give fabrics a unique touch, allowing the city to produce the best fabrics worldwide.


Shipments of Barbera have already landed! Stop in today to take your wardrobe to the next level



Introducing: Campobello

Launching in 2010, Campobello develops and produces leather shoes for men who demand functional footwear with a modern design and great quality. Campobello fits perfectly within a modern and active lifestyle. The perfect combination of tradition, quality and modernity allows our shoes to be found in the luxury sector. 


The selection of the best materials is a tradition at Campobello. Selection of leather is based on the quality and focus on attention to the small details.





Each Campobello shoe is the result of a unique and exclusive design, based on excellence, elegance, and on the contemporary and modern style of each collection that they create.



The technique of footwear production is a science that is based on many years of experience by Campobello's team of designers, cobblers, and crafters.




All Campobello footwear is carefully supervised to ensure a quick and effective delivery.