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An Autumn Wedding Revisited

We've said it before, and we will say it again (and again...) this is our favorite time of year around Romualdo. While spring and summer months are still considered wedding season in our industry, we have seen more and more fall an winter nuptials throughout the past few years. As fall arrives in the Ohio Valley and the leaves begin to show the inklings of fall foliage set in, a perfect backdrop is laid for a beautiful wedding. Grey flannel skies juxtapose the burning red fire orange of the maples lining the 7 hills of Cincinnati. Today, we revisit one of our favorite weddings that we had the pleasure of styling. Robin and Joe Creighton. 

When styling a wedding, it is important to take into account not only the time of year, but the location and atmosphere. As founder ofsome of Cincinnati's design forward hot-spots such as The Rookwood Bar and Restaurant, Cheapside Café, and Mecca OTR, Joe has a keen eye for aesthetic yet also allowed us to have free reign on his groom attire. 

With the famous Rookwood Pottery Building as the wedding's setting, We put together the perfect details for the perfect autumn wedding overlooking the greatest city. 

Sport Coat: Luciano Barbera // Shirt: Stenströms // Tie: Artfully Disheveled // Belt: Roger Ximenez // Trousers: Romualdo Bespoke // Shoes: Allen Edmonds // Socks: Marcoliani

The incredible photography as provided by:  Danelle Bohane