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Work Hard // Play Hard

It's not a secret that a lot of our clients live a hard working lifestyle both in and out of the workplace. We know that a lot of our guys leave the office and head straight to the gym or perhaps they are weekend warriors who have a 5k to run.

We have always felt torn with putting our clients in beautiful bespoke clothing or ready to wear garments for every aspect of their life EXCEPT their active workouts.

Today, that changes. We are excited to carry Rhone active wear. Rhone is a high caliber active wear that embraces masculinity. Named after the European river valley, Rhone sweats and bleeds hard work. You can certainly purchase men’s active wear at LuLu Lemon, but the customer experience is still patently female. We want to provide a higher quality garment and customer experience.

How to Wear it:

At the Gym:  Technical odor resistant t-shirts and shorts go hand-in-hand. Don’t worry about being too “matchy-matchy.” There is very little branding on the pieces, so you won’t be “that guy” at the gym.

On the Go:  With a tailored silhouette, Rhone is styled enough to wear out and about on the weekends for those quick errands. Wear the joggers to Findlay Market or around the house before you start getting ready for you big night out.