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Peter Millar Collection: What are the Differences?

Peter Millar is one of those brands that we are happy to say we have shared with our customers since the early days of their sartorial journey. It is a tried and true brand that our clients know to be consistent in quality, steady in fit, and perhaps most important, reliable in style. It has been fun following the brand and seeing it take on new and exciting aspects of lifestyle while paving new paths for the brand to grow. 

One such avenue is Peter Millar Collection. We are often asked what are the differences between Peter Millar Crown (that tried and true brand) to the Collection label and why are their price differences (Collection generally being higher is price). As with any brand offering in our store, we want to assure you that at any price point, you are receiving maximum value.

Below are some details about the Collection garment that sets it apart from Peter Millar Crown.

The Devil is in the Details: 

Collection garments are constructed with the utmost attention to detail. This detail is not merely for aesthetic purposes, but they serve a function as well. Take for instance an interesting facet of the Collection shirt:

At first glance, these two buttons seem virtually identical, but notice the subtle differences: On the left, the Peter Millar Collection shirt features raised shank-stemmed threads and goose-foot stitching (Look at the shape of the threading and you will see a goose-foot shape pattern). Not only is this threading manner more time consuming and require great sewing skill, but this method actually sets the button higher on the shirt making it easier to button while simultaneously allowing more give and movement in the garment during daily wear. 

Notice too the genuine mother-of-pearl buttons on the Collection shirt (left) compared to the standard acrylic button on a standard dress shirt (right). Can you see the crisp white of the mother-of-pearl compared to the off white, almost yellow coloring of the acrylic? 

Finer Fabrics:

Collection garments are made of fabrics from the finest world renowned European mills. Cashmere is delicately sourced and only the highest quality is used. Furthermore, Collection shirting is made from proprietary designed fabrics that you will not see used under any other label. 

It's all About the Fit:

Collection has updated the fit of Peter Millar's Crown label. With an American/European silhouette in mind, Millar has created a fit that is a little trimmer, a littler sleeker than it's counterpart but in no way is it unapproachable for our clients. The fit may take a day to get used to, but we are confident you will love these garments as much as you love all of Millar's other offerings.

Do not despair, we will continue to carry Peter Millar Crown and we are happier than ever at their offerings. However,  the Romualdo team encourages you to stop in the shop to look, touch, feel and try the Collection pieces on. We are excited to offer this boutique offering in our shop and assure you, you will not be dissapointed.

Spring Showers Bring Spring Style

We have become accustomed to Cincinnati spring weather and all that it offers. A mix of promising days that allude to summer afternoons by the pool or on the course and the reality that we still may see snow on Easter or Opening Day. What we know to expect is our fair share of spring showers. The kind that seemingly come from nowhere, usually when you are walking to your car after work or leaving the office to meet friends for happy hour. Though we recommend investing in a quality umbrella, the pop up showers are near impossible to forecast. The last thing you want to do is carry an umbrella when there is not a cloud in the sky showing threat.

The Peter Millar Knightsbridge City Coat with Loro Piana Storm System Technology. A go to tool for anything spring throws at you.

The Peter Millar Knightsbridge City Coat with Loro Piana Storm System Technology. A go to tool for anything spring throws at you.

For these transition months, we recommend investing in a lightweight, streamlined rain layer. Gone are the days of oversized raincoats that not only ruin a polished look, but were simply uncomfortable because they didn’t breath and turned a quick shower into a sweat box.

We love the Peter Millar Collection knightsbridge City Coat. A lean silhouette that wears like your favorite blazer (but just a touch bigger to fit over that blazer). Using Loro Piana’s famed Storm System technology, this coat will keep you dry in a swimming pool.

Wear it with a suit or with jeans and a polo. This piece will elevate the style level of any look. 

Wear it with a suit or with jeans and a polo. This piece will elevate the style level of any look. 

How to Wear it:

Wear this coat with your suit, over a blazer or even with jeans and polo. This piece will add that extra touch of style to any look while protecting you from those April (May, June, etc.) showers. 

PRICE: $998