Reflecting on our Past, Looking Toward our Future: A New Identity



To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Romualdo, the team decided to undergo a full rebrand and create an identity that would harken back and honor the opening days of Romualdo Pelle’s quaint tailor shop


Working with Durham Brand & Co., our goal was to rebrand the overall look, tone, and feel of our identity to a place of maturity and modernity. Inspired by our 50 years of history, our team looked to hang our jacket on details that won’t go out of style any time soon.

When Romualdo Pelle opened his doors in 1968, brand identity was certainly not at top-of-mind. The humble master tailor’s namesake simply needed two signs hanging out front of the shop. One that told prospective guests where he was located, and one to let people know he was open. And Romualdo was ALWAYS open.


Romualdo’s original sign still hangs in the window today. A hand gilded simple mark that carries with it a sense of post modern timelessness and elegance. From the usage of that sign, the core color of Romualdo has always been blue. Originally true dark navy, over the years the blue hue has changed with the times.

We used this opportunity to bring back an overall familiar but fresh look and feel to visual language; a modern update to an established brand. We move back to saturated hits of pure navy to dial the appearance to a more mature space. Further, this was the perfect time to bring back the use of gold. Both as a hat-tip to that original hand gilded sign as well as a hint to our Golden Anniversary.



It seems in recent years, ‘bespoke’ has become somewhat of a buzzword, the “catchword du jour.” A word used to cloak and distract from true authenticity. In our opinion, using the term bespoke to describe the notion that one can choose a fabric, a lapel style, a lining, a stitch color, under collar messaging, etc., truly takes away from the original meaning. We believe that customization of a garment fit, look, and style is absolutely essential for a man’s wardrobe, however, without the multiple in-person basted fittings and personal decisions made in conjunction with the tailor who is personally making one’s garment with their own hands, the usage of bespoke seems to be watered down if not unreliable.

The word itself, which dates from 1583, is a past participle of bespeak, and is chiefly British, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The opportunity to re-identify our brand gave us the chance to re-focus and celebrate our Italian tailoring heritage.


The core of our business has been, and always will be our in-house alteration and re-crafting services. We do not wish to confuse our friends, guests, and clients of who we are by using buzzwords. As we look toward the future with this new identity, look for us to remain steadfast in our history while adapting to the future. We will continue to bring you the best ready-to-wear brands in the world that have their own stories. Our custom clothing will never be mass produced and will always carry with it the quality you have come to expect. We will increase our in-shop experiences including educational events, in house barber services, bourbon and wine tastings, and women’s custom clothing, to name a few.

Similarly, we continue to build our out-of-store services including but not limited to: In office visits for your convenience, corporate dress educational events, and in closet edits.

We are excited to move toward 50 more years of service in our community. If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, we are always here with open ears. A phone call away, or drop in to catch up. Our home at 7121 Romualdo Way has always been, and always will be your home.

Never settle,

The Romualdo Team

The Man Who Dressed Neil Armstrong

As we continue to celebrate Romualdo Pelle and his 50 years of tailoring in his namesake shop, we are blown away by many talented people who want to help us tell his story. Thank you to Tanya O’Rourke and the team at WCPO for this great piece!

Introducing: Private White V.C.


Made in Manchester


Based in the heart of Manchester, Private White V.C. is managed by World War I Victoria Cross recipient Private Jack White’s great grandchildren, who all share his undying love, passion and dedication to British textiles and local industry. In operation for over 100 years, Private White V.C. continues to produce garments in an honest and traditional way; using only the finest British fabrics, trims and components, sourced locally where possible.


The wealth of manufacturing history within the four walls give a rich heritage to the Private White V.C. brand and with it, generations of experience in designing and crafting garments. Our collection of luxury casualwear reflects the constant dedication and hard work that our Manchester factory invests into developing only the highest quality and exclusive British garments. The incorporation of our exquisite fabrics seamlessly marries practicality with pure luxury, built on a firm foundation of both quality and timeless classics.

The Private White Mission Statement

For over a century our factory, nestled in the heart of Manchester, has been lovingly handcrafting garments. We feel morally and socially committed to continue to do so.


We take total ownership of the entire supply chain and life-cycle, insisting that only the very finest yarns, trims, materials and techniques are used to create our products.

Where possible we weave our own cloths using local mills, many of which have been loyal and unwavering partners with us over the years, through good times and bad.

We cherish our family, our factory, our workers, our customers, our craft and our community. At Private White V.C. we relish working with those individuals that share and respect our values.

An Autumn Wedding Revisited

We've said it before, and we will say it again (and again...) this is our favorite time of year around Romualdo. While spring and summer months are still considered wedding season in our industry, we have seen more and more fall an winter nuptials throughout the past few years. As fall arrives in the Ohio Valley and the leaves begin to show the inklings of fall foliage set in, a perfect backdrop is laid for a beautiful wedding. Grey flannel skies juxtapose the burning red fire orange of the maples lining the 7 hills of Cincinnati. Today, we revisit one of our favorite weddings that we had the pleasure of styling. Robin and Joe Creighton. 

When styling a wedding, it is important to take into account not only the time of year, but the location and atmosphere. As founder ofsome of Cincinnati's design forward hot-spots such as The Rookwood Bar and Restaurant, Cheapside Café, and Mecca OTR, Joe has a keen eye for aesthetic yet also allowed us to have free reign on his groom attire. 

With the famous Rookwood Pottery Building as the wedding's setting, We put together the perfect details for the perfect autumn wedding overlooking the greatest city. 

Sport Coat: Luciano Barbera // Shirt: Stenströms // Tie: Artfully Disheveled // Belt: Roger Ximenez // Trousers: Romualdo Bespoke // Shoes: Allen Edmonds // Socks: Marcoliani

The incredible photography as provided by:  Danelle Bohane

Romualdo: Sunday Supper I

On Sunday October 1st, we hosted our first (of many) Romualdo Sunday Supper events. An intimate group of 20 like minded individuals met on what turned out to be a gorgeous night in Over the Rhine. Our friend Daniel Souder, owner and operator of Pleasantry provided the perfect menu and backdrop for conversation, wine, bourbon, and general revelry. 

The idea of Sunday Supper is for us to host our friends, family, and patrons outside of the store. To gather groups from different industries, neighborhoods, and backgrounds to create an opportunity to meet new friends and connect with old. 

This was the first of many Sunday Suppers to come, featuring different groups every time. 

We thank Pleasantry for the hospitality, our guests for their support, and Sherri Barber for capturing some beautiful pictures. 

Hardwick Clothes: Sewn in the South




Hardwick Clothes, America’s oldest continuously operated tailored clothing manufacturer, has called Cleveland, Tennessee, its home since 1880.

The company, which was originally named Cleveland Woolen Mills, was founded by local businessman C.L. Hardwick, who partnered with John H. Craigmiles, John H. Parker, P.B. Mayfield and Creed Bates to establish the firm. C.L. Hardwick owned several businesses in Cleveland, and he put his son, George L. Hardwick, in charge of running the mill.

Cleveland Woolen Mills found success with an innovative fabric known as "jean cloth," woven from wool and cotton. The cloth was used to produce a popular product called "Dollar Pants."

During its early years, the mill experienced a number of setbacks, including several fires, but bounced back each time by adding state-of-the-art machinery and expanding its operations.

In 1925, Cleveland Woolen Mills changed its name to Hardwick Woolen Mills, reflecting the Hardwick family’s increased stake in the company. Hardwick Woolen Mills had evolved into a vertical operation, weaving the wool yarn at one end of the factory, and assembling garments in the other, giving rise to the company motto: "From the sheep’s back to the clothing rack."



During this time, Hardwick Woolen Mills was the largest facility of its kind, producing a wide selection of men’s and boys’ clothing. As America entered the Great Depression, unemployment and plummeting demand presented Hardwick Woolen Mills with the toughest challenge in its history. The company reduced costs by nimbly moving its sewing operations into workers’ homes during this time. Hardwick trucks delivered fabric to homes throughout Bradley County, and returned to transport the finished garments back to the factory.

In the 1940s, Hardwick Woolen Mills contributed to the war effort by manufacturing uniforms for the military. During the post-war years, demand for wool dropped with the introduction of synthetics, prompting Hardwick Woolen Mills to sell its woolen operations to focus solely on the men’s tailored-clothing market.

No longer operating as a private label, the company changed its name to Hardwick Clothes, Inc., and began marketing aggressively, rolling out its first advertising campaign. American consumers began to associate the Hardwick name with high-quality tailored menswear. Hardwick’s greatest success was its line of blazers, widely regarded as the best in the world.


By the 1970s, Hardwick was once again seeking to modernize its operations. In 1974, the company moved from its original Church Street factory to a new, 175,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing plant on the outskirts of Cleveland. The expansive new facility and modernized manufacturing equipment helped Hardwick stay competitive against an increasing supply of cheap, offshore clothing.

Hardwick’s reputation for American-made quality has helped the company thrive in the face of outsourcing and cost-cutting. This status has helped Hardwick land contracts with a wide range of large clients, including the U.S. military and Major League Baseball umpires.

Since its founding in 1880, Hardwick Clothes has endured factory fires, economic recessions, two World Wars, inflation and leisure suits. Despite these challenges, Hardwick Clothes has continued to produce unsurpassed suits, pants and jackets for men and women, operating successfully with pride and quality.

Since the turn of the millennium, Hardwick has continued to adapt to changing market conditions, expanding its base of specialty retailers like Romualdo. 

Introducing: D.S. & Durga

We are excited to introduce a new line of boutique fragrances to our Romualdo clients - D.S. & Durga. As we continue to grow our offerings, we will always find new and interesting lifestyle brands that will elevate your everyday life.  

D.S. & Durga niche fragrance house was founded in New York in 2007 by David Seth Moltz (D.S.), a musician, and Kavi Moltz (Durga) an architect. Combining their two industries, the couple writes ‘songs’ in scent, while designing ‘houses’ for the fragrances. The artistic pair is inspired by a myriad of influences, including historical movements and Americana. Each fragrance tells a tale that the couple believes can be communicated through layers scent.

Stop in today to see what Esquire, Vogue, and many other's can't stop talking about. 

Our Current Collection of D.S. & Durga Scents Include:

Bowmakers: Amongst the transcendental woods of the 1800s, craftsmen from the
Massachusetts Bay Colony built violins & bows in the tiny towns of the Pioneer Valley. The shops were riddled with old growth mahogany, burled maple shavings, 
amber pine rosin, aged walnut & their unique secret varnishes.

Cowboy Grass: American sagebrush, flowering white thyme, & prairie switchgrass from the wild western territories. Perfect for robbing banks on horseback.

Italian Citrus: A bracing cologne of coastal Italian citrus rinds - chinotto, blood orange, cold-pressed lemon and green mandarin with ambrette seed & clean musk.

Radio Bombay (Coming Soon): Transistor radio hewn of sandalwood radiates ragas in the Bandra heat.  Hot copper tubes warm the soft wood releasing blooms of musk, cream, peach, ambrette, coco, cedar distillates.

Burning Barbershop: A fire broke out in the Curling Bros. barbershop in Westlake, N.Y. in 1891. All the shaving tonics with their spearmint, lime, vanilla & lavender burned. A charred bottle was found half-full. It smelled like this.

Mississippi Medicine: Based on the rituals of the proto-Mississippian death cult of the 1200s. Native birch tar, viola, & white spruce grounded in incense & cypress root.

Of Note, D.S. & Durga fragrances and packaging are unisex. 


The Stenströms Difference

Over the past year, the Romualdo team and client's alike have fallen in love with an exceptional shirtmaker out of Sweden. This brand, Stenströms, has become a staple of the Romualdo wardrobe. Although a core piece of our trade will always be our custom shirtings, Stenströms carries with it the history and overall make of a high quality product that we are extremely happy to provide our consumers. 

Below is an in-depth look provided by Stenströms on the process of crafting 

Each Stenströms shirt consists of 23 components that are cut and assembled with exacting precision. The process involves 60 distinct operations that are checked at five critical inspection stations. Thanks to skilled designers, cutters and tailors, we have refined this technique and perfected our shirts over the course of a century.

A soft, comfortable collar. The collar and collar band under- go 25 separate operations to achieve a soft, comfortable fit. Pre-pressing and extra stitching prevent shape and finish from being altered by repeated laundering and ironing. At each stage of production, meticulous quality checks are performed, stitches measured and loose threads removed.

The sleeves are attached with single-needle stitching whereby each seam has at least six stitches per cm – elegant and with excellent durability.


All buttonholes are sewn with 66 stitches. 82 cm of thread is used for each buttonhole. Most buttons are hand-made from genuine, highest quality mother-of- pearl. For added strength, the buttons are sewn on in two distinct operations and have a wrapped neck.





Extra-fine stitching gives discreet seams and extra- long wear. Fine, double stitching produces optimum durability and elegant lap seams along the sides.


Peter Millar Collection: What are the Differences?

Peter Millar is one of those brands that we are happy to say we have shared with our customers since the early days of their sartorial journey. It is a tried and true brand that our clients know to be consistent in quality, steady in fit, and perhaps most important, reliable in style. It has been fun following the brand and seeing it take on new and exciting aspects of lifestyle while paving new paths for the brand to grow. 

One such avenue is Peter Millar Collection. We are often asked what are the differences between Peter Millar Crown (that tried and true brand) to the Collection label and why are their price differences (Collection generally being higher is price). As with any brand offering in our store, we want to assure you that at any price point, you are receiving maximum value.

Below are some details about the Collection garment that sets it apart from Peter Millar Crown.

The Devil is in the Details: 

Collection garments are constructed with the utmost attention to detail. This detail is not merely for aesthetic purposes, but they serve a function as well. Take for instance an interesting facet of the Collection shirt:

At first glance, these two buttons seem virtually identical, but notice the subtle differences: On the left, the Peter Millar Collection shirt features raised shank-stemmed threads and goose-foot stitching (Look at the shape of the threading and you will see a goose-foot shape pattern). Not only is this threading manner more time consuming and require great sewing skill, but this method actually sets the button higher on the shirt making it easier to button while simultaneously allowing more give and movement in the garment during daily wear. 

Notice too the genuine mother-of-pearl buttons on the Collection shirt (left) compared to the standard acrylic button on a standard dress shirt (right). Can you see the crisp white of the mother-of-pearl compared to the off white, almost yellow coloring of the acrylic? 

Finer Fabrics:

Collection garments are made of fabrics from the finest world renowned European mills. Cashmere is delicately sourced and only the highest quality is used. Furthermore, Collection shirting is made from proprietary designed fabrics that you will not see used under any other label. 

It's all About the Fit:

Collection has updated the fit of Peter Millar's Crown label. With an American/European silhouette in mind, Millar has created a fit that is a little trimmer, a littler sleeker than it's counterpart but in no way is it unapproachable for our clients. The fit may take a day to get used to, but we are confident you will love these garments as much as you love all of Millar's other offerings.

Do not despair, we will continue to carry Peter Millar Crown and we are happier than ever at their offerings. However,  the Romualdo team encourages you to stop in the shop to look, touch, feel and try the Collection pieces on. We are excited to offer this boutique offering in our shop and assure you, you will not be dissapointed.